Day 155: Call your Democratic Senator

Got a Democratic Senator? You’ve still got work to do. One of the final stages of the TrumpCare bill is a little-known process known as “vote-a-rama” where ANY Senator can submit as many amendments as he or she wants. And here’s the thing: EVERY amendment takes time to be introduced and voted on. THOUSANDS of amendments are being collected and submitted directly to Senate staff.

Please please please: submit your amendment here, and get your friends and family members to submit amendmentsJust providing your contact information automatically creates an amendment. We know this is working already. Senators are reading these amendments on the Senate floor. But we need thousands more. This tactic, though not a silver bullet, can delay the bill and make it more politically painful for Republicans to move forward.

Jim Augustine
Day 154: MORE Stop TrumpCare in June!

More Stop TrumpCare in June!

It's going to take a full court press to prevent passage of TrumpCare in the Senate. Today, we are offering state-specific information (provided by Indivisible) on the devastation in lives and money that will come with TrumpCare.

Also listed at that link, by state, is the name, email address and office phone numbers of the staffers who are handling this issue for each Senator. Click on your state on the map and then email or call them to say politely but firmly how unacceptable to you are the possible increases in the cost of health insurance and the number of uninsured in your state.

So far, grassroots efforts across the country have kept Trump from passing any of his major legislative disasters. We can do this again with Trumpcare in the Senate! Act now!

Jim Augustine
Day 153: Stop TrumpCare in June!

The Senate is trying to do this week and next what the House of Representatives did in May: jam through its TrumpCare bill in secrecy, without public hearings, without a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, and without knowing its full impact on American families. That’s why the time to put on the pressure is NOW. See here how you can help Stop TrumpCare in June.


Pick any one thing from that Action Plan and commit to doing it TODAY. If you pick as your action to call your Senator, his or her number is here.

Jim Augustine
Day 152: 1460 Responds to Georgia Election

As you may know, last night Jon Ossoff lost to Republican Karen Handel in Georgia's Sixth Congressional District. Though there will be much analysis over the upcoming days regarding the reasons why Ossoff didn't win, we will not allow that to undercut the tremendous impact we made. 

This was always going to be a difficult district to win. The odds were never in our favor. But despite that, our 1460 team joined together with thousands across the country to support this race. Team Georgia alone made over 3300 calls and brought almost 50 new volunteers into the 1460 family. That organizing effort alone is a win and will only increase the odds of victory in the 2018 elections.

It is hard at moments like these to not feel defeated...but this is a marathon, not a sprint. Together we will defeat the destructive policies of the Trump administration. Together we will fight back against a Congress that speaks for the few, not the many. Together we will move toward victory.

We the people of 1460 remain strong and move forward unbowed.

Jim Augustine

While the Trustees of the NY City Retirement Systems meet, call on them to fully divest from fossil fuels. After leafletting outside, people will go into the public part of the quarterly Common Investments meeting, making a statement with their presence.

Fossil fuel companies knowingly perpetuate the climate crisis. Investments in the fossil fuel industry fund climate impacts like Superstorm Sandy. Even so, New York City and New York State continue to invest billions in coal, oil, and gas companies. The same year that Sandy hit, New Yorkers urged the City Comptroller, Scott Stringer, to divest NYC's pension funds from this destruction. Scott Stringer has repeatedly called for climate action, but pension funds continue their investments in the flailing, failing, and dangerous fossil fuel industry.

Rally for Fossil Fuel Divestment at 8:30am on Wed, June 21st at 1 Centre Street in Manhattan.

Facebook page

Jim Augustine
Day 150: Protest EPA's Pruitt in New York!

Join the 6/21 Protest of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt speaking at the NYC Harvard Club (35 West 44th St.)  from 12pm-2pm on the subject of "The EPA After Paris." Tell Pruitt that the planet is in a state of emergency, that climate change is real, and that access to clean air and clean drinking water are human rights. Protestors will meet at 11:00 AM (Wednesday, June 21, 2017) in front of the Harvard Club and hold a legal moving picket. Bring signs, noisemakers, and your friends. Pruitt made waves as one of the central figures in the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate-change agreement.  Let him know how displeased you are!

Jim Augustine
Day 149: #JusticeforJuan

On February 17, Juan Manuel Montes was walking to a taxi stand in his hometown in California when he was approached by border officials and asked for his papers. Though Juan was legally authorized to live and work in America through the DACA program, he was deported to Mexico just hours later.

This is a direct consequence to Donald Trump's mass deportation agenda and the acts of an unaccountable agency. Juan Manuel must be reunited with his family in California as soon as possible. Join us in demanding Secretary Kelly take immediate action.

Jim Augustine
Day 148: #DontDeportMyDad

#DontDeportMyDad. The Trump Administration has instituted extreme and unjust immigration policies designed to take no mercy on the thousands of families they stand to tear apart. That’s why this Father's Day weekend, faith leaders and other advocates are standing up to honor all fathers and their contributions to families and our country and to demand that Trump and Secretary Kelly stop deporting fathers.

Jim Augustine
Day 146: Disarm Hate!

Contact your member of Congress and demand they sign on as a co-sponsor for the Disarm Hate Act, a bill that closes the Violent Hate Crimes Loophole that permits the sale of firearms to individuals who have been convicted of threatening with a deadly weapon or assaulting someone based on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

Jim Augustine
Day 143: Oppose Dangerous Gun Laws

As we mourn the deaths a year ago today of 49 people in the Pulse night club massacre, Congress just introduced an extremely dangerous bill they're calling "concealed carry reciprocity" that would force all 50 states to allow stalkers, domestic abusers, and people with no safety training to carry hidden, loaded guns in public Use this form to send an overwhelming message of opposition to Congress. Call your senators and tell them you OPPOSE concealed carry reciprocity.

Jim Augustine
Day 142: Remember the Victims of the Pulse Mass Murder

Gays Against Guns ( and 20 partnering LGBTQ nightclubs welcome all to participate in a one year anniversary memorializing the 49 victims of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre on Monday June 12 7-9 pm at the Stonewall Inn in New York City.  The Memorial will be a solemn and joyfully defiant experience as we remember the tragedy that brought the fight for gun violence prevention directly into our LGBTQ nightlife community. The event is open to the public and will take place rain or shine. People are encouraged to dress in black to mourn the Pulse Nightclub victims. 

Jim Augustine
Day 141: Flip the 6th!

Last Tuesday, in their first debate, Jon Ossoff faced off with his Republican challenger, Karen Handel. One of the most notable moments of the night was when Handel went on the record saying, "This is an example of the fundamental difference between a liberal and a conservative. I do not support a livable wage.".

Join 1460 every Tuesday as we work to ensure Jon Ossoff wins the special election in Georgia's 6th district. Sign up to phone bank here:

Jim Augustine
Day 140: Defend the Paris Climate Accord

Day 141:  Defend the Paris Climate Accord


Last week, Trump announced that the US would exit the Paris Agreement. Since then, everyone from US mayors and governors to global leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to this historic climate deal — and dozens have stepped up to go further.

On Saturday, June 10th, we’re mobilizing at City Halls and State Houses across the country to defend the Paris Agreement and show that we are still ready to move our country towards 100% clean energy.

Click here to find an #ActOnClimate action near you this Saturday.


Jim Augustine
Day 139: Hold Trump's Advisory Committee Accountable!

Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement has put him on even thinner ice with companies, and that’s a good thing for all-of-us. Many of the CEOs on Trump’s Advisory Council have made statements in support of the Paris Climate Agreement. But talk can be cheap and so far only two, Elon Musk of Tesla and Bob Igor of Disney, have stepped up by stepping down. All-of-us must make sure that the others follow these corporate leaders. 

See where each CEO on Trump’s Advisory Council stands on climate. Pick one or two CEOs of companies you recognize or whose products or services you use and email/tweet at them.


Jim Augustine
Day 136: Help Flip the Georgia 6th!

Ready to start flipping the House, but don't want to wait until 2018?  Join 1460 Days of Action's Team Georgia as we work to #Flipthe6th and get Jon Ossoff elected!  Sign up today to join our Tuesday night phone banks.  The race is tight, the sweet tea is cold, and the snacks are plentiful!  Leading up to the primary we made over 1,200 calls (and had a great time doing it!)--help us beat our own record for the runoff!

Jim Augustine