Be Heard

Speak up, listen and calmly communicate your concerns. Hold our government and the media responsible for their words and actions.


Who represents you?

Unsure of who your elected officials are? Look no further than Find My Representative, which will link you to your congressional representative and his or her contact information. 


Local and state governments are a critical component to any successful advocacy action. The League of Women Voters can assist you in identifying your local and state representatives! Enter your zip code, and a full list of your elected officials will appear.

What are other important phone numbers to know?

  • The White House- 202-456-1111
  • House of Representatives
    • Speaker- 202-225-0600
    • Majority Leader- 202-225-4000
    • Minority Leader- 202-225-0100
  • Senate
    • Majority Leader- 202-224-2541
    • Minority Leader- 202-224-3542


Are you excited about contacting your elected officials, but you're not sure where to start? Read this overview, Call the Halls, which was written by a former Congressional staffer and which outlines how to effectively engage with members of Congress.



Pro Tip: Program the names and numbers of your elected officials into your phone for easy access and advocacy on the go!!!

Looking to go deeper into your Trump resistance?

Read Indivisible for an in-depth review of best practices to make Congress listen!

Fact vs. Fiction

 The dissemination of fake news played a big role in this year's election. We all must play a role in stopping these falsehoods from spreading. But how can you tell a fake news item from a real one? Read this primer for an overview on how to spot fake news!

Now that you're an expert on spotting fake news stories, go forth and spread the truth! An excellent resource to assist your truth telling is, a project developed by a nonpartisan, nonprofit “organization for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics.”